2011  Duke University, Ph.D. in Religion (Christian Theological Studies)

2006  University of Chicago Divinity School, M.A. in Religion (Theology)

2002  Harvard University, A.B. in Comparative Study of Religion

Academic Appointments

2017 - present  Associate Professor of Theology, Baylor University, Religion Department

2015 - present  Women and Gender Studies, affiliated faculty

2014 - present  Graduate Faculty, Baylor University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

2011 - 2017  Assistant Professor of Theology, Baylor University, Religion Department



forthcoming  Motherhood: A Confession. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

2017  Image and Presence: A Christological Reflection on Iconoclasm and Iconophilia. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.


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forthcoming “Towards a Topography of the Visual.” In International Journal of Systematic Theology. With Matthew Whelan. 

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Invited Talks

2020  T.B. Maston Lecture, Logston Seminary.

2019  Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts, Ten-Year Celebration. Speaker. September 5-8.

2019 “Why this Waste?: Art and Excess in a World of Need” Christian Theology Senior Seminar at Cambridge University. May 15. 

2019 “Poverty, Luxury, Art” Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Andrews University. March 8.

           2019  “The New Iconoclasm.” Theology and Ethics Colloquium at the University of Edinburgh. February 13.

2018  “Women, Feminism, and Feminist Theology: A Brief History.” Nevertheless, She Preached. Waco, TX. September 24-25.

2018  “Beauty.” Plenary speaker, Ekklesia Project. Defining Beauty. Chicago, IL. July 12-14.

2018  “The Incarnation.” Plenary speaker, Texas Youth Academy. Marhsall, TX. July 5.

2018  “Beauty and Suffering.” Seventh and James Church. April 11.

2018  Distinguished Lecture, Duke Initiative for Theology and the Arts. Duke Divinity School. March 1.

2018   “What the Saints See.” Presentation for “What the Saints Know.” Symposium in Minster Abbey, Kent, United Kingdom. January 26-8.

2017  Speaker for Arts Week, “Beauty for Wounds.” Dallas Theological Seminary. October 31-November 3.

2017  “Human Need and Ecclesial Splendor: Ten Theses on a Persistent Dilemma in Wealth and Poverty.” Consultation on Wealth, Poverty, and Human Flourishing. Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Yale Divinity School. March 3.

2016  “Bag Ladies, Prayer, and Other Hopes for Analytic Theology.” Analytic Theology Seminar. Fuller Theological Seminary. April 18.

2016  “Why Weep With Marina Abramovic? Art, Images, and the Presence They Give Us.” Andy Warhol Lecture. Loyola College Baltimore. April 12.

2016   “Theologian as Scavenger.” God and Philosophy, Theology on Tap. St. Albans’s Church. February 3.

2016  “Embracing Beauty in a World of Affliction.” Symposium on Beauty and Form. Northwestern University. January 28.

2014  “Coming Again in Glory: Christ the Iconocrat?” University of Edinburgh Theology and Ethics Research Seminar. Edinburgh, United Kingdom. November 26.

2014  “Captivating Images, Liberating Images: Iconoclastic Iconophilia in Poussin’s Golden Calf.” University of Glasgow. Literature, Theology and the Arts Seminar. Glasgow, United Kingdom. November 5.

2014  “At the Golden Calf and Sinai: Images and Divine Arrival.” Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts. University of St. Andrews. St. Andrews, United Kingdom. October 17.

2014  “Breaking the Great Silence: An Iconoclasm of Invisibility.” Wissenschaftskolleg. Berlin, Germany. July 15.

2014  “Fasting as an Image.” Spiritual Disciplines Series. St. Alban’s. March 30.

Conference Activity

2019  “The Maternal Body and Other Images of Grace in Nature.” Society for the Study of Theology. Warwick, UK. March 9.

2019   Roundtable on Clive Marsh’s book A Cultural Theology of Salvation. Society for the Study of Theology. Warwick, UK. March 9.

2018 Panel on Image and Presence. Respondent to panelists. American Academy of Religion. Denver, CO. November 17-20.

2018  Visual Commentary on Scripture: Divine and Human Freedom. “Jacob and the Angel.” Denver, CO. November 17-20.

2017 “Human Desire and Original Sin: Moving Beyond Augustine’s Greedy Infant.” American Academy of Religion. Boston, MA. November 20.

2015  “Habituation and the Mystery of Childhood.” American Academy of Religion. Atlanta, GA. November 24.

2014  “Resurrection Silence and Hypostatic Likeness.” Society for the Study of Theology. University of Durham. Durham, United Kingdom. April 2.

2012  “A Reconsideration of Religious Authority in Christian Theology,” American Academy of Religion. San Francisco, CA. November 19.

2010  “Aesthetics, Aisthesis, and Brillo Boxes: Toward a Non-Reductive Understanding of Perception,” Max and Iris Stern Symposium 4: Art + Religion. Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal and Concordia University. Montreal, Canada. April 17.

2009  “A Body Like Christ’s and Eyes Like God’s: The Role of Aisthesis and Phantasia in Constructing a Christian Mimesis in Vita Antonii,” American Academy of Religion. Montreal, Canada. November 9.

2008  “Care for the Self and Nekrosis of the Body: Desire and Loss in Gregory of Nyssa’s De Virginitate.” Archbishop Iakovos Conference in Patristic Studies. Boston, MA. April 17-19.

Campus and Departmental Events


2019 “The New Natural Law: A Response to Vincent Lloyd and Neil Arner.” October 21.

2018  “The Suffering Body,” a presentation for a panel on “The Body” with Dwayne Simmons and Sara Dolan, preceding an address by Dr. Paul Farmer. STEM/Humanities Symposium. March 22.

2017  “Selfies With Toppled Confederate Statues: Thoughts on Breaking and Making Images.” In celebration of the book release of Image and Presence. Modern and Contemporary Reading Group at Baylor University. November 10.

2017  “Gender, Race, and Intersectional Feminism.” With Elise Edwards. Truett Seminary Black Student Association’s Teach-in on Race. March 28th.

2016  “Two Options for Divine Discourse—and One Alternative.” Response to Nicholas Wolterstorff. Truett Seminary. October 7.

2016  “On Margery Kempe and Being a Witch.” Panelist for “Boundary Breaking Women.” September 13.

2013 “The Language of Gift and the Language of Football.” Interdepartmental Colloquium on Ethics for Baylor Religion Department and Truett Seminary. November 11.

2011  “9/11, Ten Years Later.” Presentation for the Religion Club. September 12.



2016  Moderator for “Icons and the Way of Beauty.” Panel with Orthodox monks from Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery. October 25.

2016  Convener for “Holy Journeys, Holy Destinations” panel, sponsored by the Ethics Research Initiative and located at the Mayborn Museum, in conjunction with their “Sacred Journeys exhibit.” October 6.

2016  Convener for “Image, Idol, Christ” symposium. February 18.

Honors and Fellowships


2017  Yale Center for Faith and Life. Consultation on Wealth, Life, and Human Flourishing. March 3-4.

2016  “Problems in the Study of Religion.” National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute. University of Virginia. May 31-June 17.

2015  Lilly Consultation on Faith and Life. May 11-12.

2013-2014  “Scenes from the History of the Image: Reading Two Millennia of Conflict,” interdisciplinary summer workshops sponsored by Some Institutes for Advanced Study at the National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, NC, July 29-August 9, 2013; and by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and theWissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, July 13-26, 2014.

2013-2014  “Theology and Time,” three-part seminar convened by Stanley Hauerwas and sponsored by the Issachar Fund Initiative. Duke University. November 3-5, 2013; March 16-18, 2014; and June 7-10, 2014.

2012  “The Atonement,” one-semester seminar sponsored by the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame. January – May.

2009-2010  Dissertation Working Group, sponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University.



2018  Off-cycle Project Development Grant, Baylor University

2018  Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta Chapter; Outstanding Faculty

2017  Spring Research Leave, Baylor University

2015-16  Sabbatical Grant, Louisville Institute

2012, 2013  Summer Sabbatical Fellowship, Baylor University

2009  Graduate Summer Fellowship, Duke Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

2006-2011  Graduate Student Fellowship, Duke Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

2004-2006  Full Scholarship, University of Chicago Divinity School



2017-present  Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts, Steering Committee

2017-present  Theology Section of the American Academy of Religion, Southwest Region, Convener

2014-present  Christian Systematic Theology, Section of American Academy of Religion,Steering Committee

2014-present  Visual Commentary on Scripture, workshop participant



2017-18  Women in the Academy, faculty mentor

2016-2017  Feminist Theology Reading Group, director

2015-present  Gender Studies Advisory Council

2015-present  Honors Residential College Faculty Fellow

2015-present  Institute for the Studies of Religion Fellow

2015-16 Collins Residential Hall, Faculty Partner

2014-2017  Baylor University Press editorial board (no service during 2015-16 sabbatical)

2014, 2019  Baylor in St Andrews Program Director

2012-present  Women’s Colloquium, Co-convener



Cody Strecker,  “Providence and Praise: Encountering the Theological Vision of Ephrem the Syrian” (Baylor, Religion, est. graduation date 2019).

Thomas Breedlove, “The Veil of the Flesh: Being Creature and Being Crucified” (Baylor, Religion, est. graduate date 2021).


Tom Millay (Baylor, Religion, 2019)

Mathew Crawford (Baylor, Religion, 2019)

Nicholas Krause (Baylor, Religion, 2018 prospectus defense)

Elizabeth Travers (Baylor, English, 2018 prospectus defense)

Laura Lysen (Baylor, Religion, 2018 prospectus defense)             

Carole Baker (Duke Divinity School, Theology, 2018 prospectus defense)

Christian Dickinson (Baylor, English, 2018)

Alina Beary (Baylor, Philosophy, 2018)

Amy Carpenter Schroeder (Baylor, English, 2018)

Tiffany Trent  (Arizona State University, Theatre Studies, 2018)

Rachel Toombs  (Baylor, Religion, 2018)

Jared Brandt  (Baylor, Philosophy, 2018)

Andrew Selby  (Baylor, Religion, 2017)

Jenny Howell  (Baylor, Religion, 2017)

Jordan Fannin  (Baylor, Religion, 2016)

David Cramer  (Baylor, Religion, 2016)

Daniel Marrs  (Baylor, Religion, 2015)

David Wilmington  (Baylor, Religion, 2015)


Jessica Bost

Riley Neal  (2018)

Bradley Varnell  (2016)

Thomas McGraw  (2015)

Krystal Pothier  (2014)


Aly Vukelich, M.A. (2019)

Sabrina Fountain, M.A. (2018)

Kaylie Page,  B.A. (2018)

Tory Hamilton,  B.A. (2016)

Madeleine Sullivan,  B.A. (2016)

Elizabeth Travers,  M.A (2015)

Jake Surges,  B.A. (2015)

Emily Edmondson,  B.A. (2014)

Lauren Rivers,  B.A. (2013)