Welcome to my site

I’m a constructive theologian interested in how Christian doctrine can speak to the complexities of modern life. Drawing on literary and visual works, I interpret theological ideas together with a range of themes, including images, iconoclasm, beauty, gender, and childhood. My work has been published in two books, Beauty and Image and Presence, as well as a number of scholarly journals. In spring 2020, my third book come out. It’s titled Motherhood: A Confession.

I trained at Harvard, University of Chicago, and Duke before coming to Baylor, where I am currently the Associate Professor of Theology in the Religion Department and an affiliated faculty member of Women’s and Gender Studies, for which I also serve on the advisory board. I live in Waco with my three daughters, two cats, and one husband.

You can find out more about my work through perusing my CV, reading my online work, or scanning my upcoming events